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Hey, I realzied we didnt have a banner yet and was wondering if u wanted me to make one?
I got a proto type now, if u actually want me to make one, i'll obviously spend more time on it. Here is the rough copy.

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haha funny thing is, is that I was just gunna do that. all ur buddy.



I know some expert GFXers that I can ask for banner... :O but this one is really cool too!


Even thought i hated bleach.
I must admit this is very nice.


OMg bleach hater. I love this banner for the reason it's bleach.


impressive and interesting banner lol!


I'm still in the process of learning how to use Photoshop.
Once I'm familiarised with most of the key points in doing a banner, I'll create a .gif banner for DynastyMS.
I'll get it as soon as possible though.


Really liking the banner, coming out amazing! Keep up the good work, and you sir will be an excellent GFX designer!

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