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Game Manager
Game Manager
Alright, before I start. There will be no double standards, blah blah.

I think the leeching has to be toned down, for starters.

When I first started, I made a page. It was godamn awful for leveling, so I quit it at 50 something and made a bishop. Funding and Delta took me in, and I leveled quite quickly on my own for awhile, til about 100 or so? and then we started to boss leech. I grew pretty quick, but then I started huntingon my own, same as them. The players nowadays aren't doing stuff like that though.

We're rather freely giving out leech to whatever level they want, especially me as I'm a bishop...and we even leech each other's characters, etc. This is a problem though. The server is starting get get more players, and they're growing faster than they should. 'Blah blah balance of the server blah blah'. I think it's alright for us to help them out with a few levels at a time, but not 30 or 40. They'll wind up frustrated as shit in the high levels, when leech isn't effective.

We're also giving out way too much free stuff. I've gotten my fair share, as have others at the top, but it's not good. We have really good equips, so we figure giving away clean SCG and FS is alright, because they're so common in gacha. Lower level players don't make as much Nx though...it's screwing things up.

The server needs an economy but right now, we're all giving away equips, our GM scrolls we don't use, stuff to build things, leaves, etc. It kinda messes up any possibility of an economy.

I'm not saying stop, but I think we should hold out a bit.

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