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As everyone did.. I lost alot due to the rollback. I understand why and I understand we will get compensation. Not entirely knowing what the compensation is and being a little impatient because things aren't working out in other areas(sorry about the annoyance too.. I hate asking for things sometimes but feel I deserve it...) I feel as if I should at least get my Beryl Maple Dagger back. I had bought it in the FM for a good amount of money..knowing about the events going on I without complaint traded a 200 att Beryl Dagger in for a 120 that a GM used for compensation which is fine. I however lost the 120 in the rollback and I miss it Crying or Very sad . If that's the only thing I get back I would be happy Very Happy

More details on the weapon

As said..Maple Beryl Dagger..was 120 att clean but I used a GM dagger scroll so it was + the stats from the scroll.. I don't remember specifics.

IGN of Character that had the dagger
Doll(who is now only level 1......but oh well.)


They're just going to be a jerk and ask for a SS.
I lost all my crap, and lost a whole character itself.


A GM even gave it to me... I don't think to take a SS of every equip I have...


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Global Moderator
He got refunded because he lost his character(Its level 1, so its the same)

Case closed.

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