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Hello there!

°The main issue is that my character got stuck into a map,being so,I can't login or do anything with it. Please unstuck him.
(the first dragon skele map to the right,that's where)

°NPC in the fm (the hired merchant accountant),whenever clicked,I get disconnected.

°Storage npcs: Kerning city,sleepywood and ludi don't work(I haven't tried other towns).
The map in front of haunted house and the ones forward have some sort of frame-lag,I really can't figure,since all the other maps work fine.

°Why doesn't ANY monster respawn? It was supremely hard to level up that way,switching from map to map after I killed what was in the one before. RESPAWN PLEASE !

°Where can I find stars to buy? Regular pot npcs don't work,so I kind of suffered the first 40 levels with a thief before I found a 'snowball' on a mob drop.

°This server is really interesting and fun to play,but i'm wondering where everyone else is at. I mean,the server is up and everything,but i'm always completely alone in the server,i'm wondering why it is so deserted.



It's been a while since my character has been stuck,and since nobody is replying any solution,I'm quitting this server.
Interesting server,but no assistance at all...=(


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