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IGN : Dozy
Date of Suspension : 1/1/2014
What happened before you were suspended : I was playing HnS which was hosted by Shawn, after that I might have JQd or just logged off.
GM who suspended you (If applicable) : Not sure

I can't open the client (I have the client already in exceptions) so I'm guessing that I'm banned, I don't know why though.


Hey man!

If you can't open the client that's not ban than. Check your v83 map and see if you got all the 41 files in that map. If you are banned you will see it when you try to log in.


Dozy your not banned cant open client is not ban its your maplestory folder problem try redownloading the client,folder or restart your computer and try


Sorry guys, it was my bad...
Even though the client was in exceptions, it's connect to internet was blocked. (That's why I couldn't connect)
I fixed it now.
Thanks for trying to help anyways.

-Sorry for posting this for wrong section too


It's okay at least you can play  cheers 

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