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#1 Snail aka nyugen

Reason : dmg hack, dupe & more
Screen shot (If possible):
Date : 1.4.2014
so i caught him duping the wish tickets (couldn't ss) so i followed him around https://i.servimg.com/u/f58/18/68/58/71/maple011.jpg
around 2minutes later I saw he is in targa/scar map so i decided to jump in
bam, second body already level 90, obviously he one is damage hacking.
i didn't make it in time to ss the dmg but i though i would scare him away and he will stop, but luckly he is one retarded mother fucker because 1 second later i rejoined and what do you know?
scar is dead.. impressive for level 80 chief bandit

not to mention his duping that even GMs said they know he is duping

#2 Hidden
reason? dmg hack and duping
he was duping the net gach, and had like 12 sets of furies he sold for 1meso
so i wanted to check on him? where is he? umm level 120 at zakum
I come in and whats that? arms are all dead and 1st body,he was frozen so i quickly left and came back 10seconds later, what do you know? 3rd body already..
when i asked him why does he hack, he told me..


whos the one hacking not you fucking cunt lol kill yourself


How smart of you Very Happy changed your ip huh Nguyen?


dude you dont even know

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