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6/1/2014 (Yesterday)

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7/1/2014 (Today)
Iam sorry for the cause of everyone gameplays since one person duplicates the item and was either throwed out or sell it at the FM Shop and if anyone get those items please give it to me this is for now and iam gonna do my best to catch more people with those items so if you have them please give me to me IGN:Shawn no point if your gonna hide your items as i can find them iam sorry to everyone and we are going to fix this duplicate glitch ASAP and i will discuss about the rollback with the owner so sorry everyone.



This is what I have been telling people! You guys are doing a fantastic job at cleaning this whole mess up. I predict this situation will be handled by a few weeks. Right now, even, the server is doing fine!

Great job guys Smile

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Yes. You are gay.


my beautiful items Sad


Those suuuure look legit lol...


The server is not doing fine. I am not stating this because i want to be negative but its the ugly truth. I really like this server and i admire Shawns input. But its not enough ATM. you need more GM's cause there always should be 1 online atleast.

The dupe glitch is not the only impactfull glitch. I know a lot of people that abused the DOJO glitch, this glitch can lvl you infinitly within 5 minutes.

The only way to get an equal and fair game again is to FULLY WIPE. and i dont even think it will cost u players because the features in this server are just plain awesome.


can you elaborate to me about the d-d-d-ojo g-g-glitch heheheheh

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