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So there was this guy who traded me, wanted some stuff and wanted to sell me a belt i was interested,he was level 1 but i though it was a mule or something, anyway he asked me weird things like re-traded couple of times and change channels.. at first i didn't suspect anything because he just left in the middle,i started lagging so i decided to log off and play some league, 2hours later I log in, half of my inventory is gone, I didnt have a screen shot of my items before but all my friends told me some guy was throwing all my things at fm and then IGN : busy started crashing the game until everyone just quit so he might be the one who hacked me as well also i think it could be nguyen..
I changed my password now, and i would like to resolve this with a GM..
basically all my"good" stuff like claw,shoes,throwing stars,gm scrolls/chaos scrolls etc are gone and he left just couple of things like my nx items and scar helmet , so yeah..


Iam at outside now will solve this later


Also, for some reason whenever I go on CH1 I occasionally crash. If I go to CH1FM it always crashes me as of now and I think some other people have the same prob


hmmm anyone gotten the samething as Berzerker? i cant try it now since iam not at home.

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