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IGN : DJMarcoW
Item(s) lost : 10 white scrolls and 1 pink adventure cape.
Date which item(s) disappeared : Monday 6 january - Tuesday 7 january.

What caused your item(s) to disappeared (Hacked/Roll Back...et cetera) :
I've bought 11 White scrolls from someone for 80mill. I set up a mushy in FM1 and when I came back a few hours later, my mushy was gone. I went to Frederick and I only found 1 White scroll and some other equips I put in the shop. For the cape: If I'm right I got it with a gacha and same as the 10 White scrolls I can't find it anymore.

Screenshot(s) to prove your appeal :
I don't have a screenshot from my mushy. Although I do know the IGN from the person who I've bought them from. (I have to see his name again to remember it).
Please help me to retrieve my items and if not to retrieve my 80mill.

Thanks in advance,


I'll fix it when iam back


Thank you,

I've bought the Scrolls from NeatOz if you need to know that.

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