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Hey guys, don't really remember being a member on this server, but obviously I must have been at some point to get the e-mail about the servers coming back!

Names I might've gone by

About me -
Age : 21
Favorite games : LoL, PoE, Maple, Warframe
Animes : Death Note, Future Diary, One Piece
Books : A song of ice and fire (Game of Thrones)
TV shows : Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who <3

Hey guys, I'm Giest, I'm an IT contractor as well as network technician for CP rail. Being part of such a big company puts me in charge of the IT area for Winnipeg/Calgary/Minneapolis. It's a rough job somedays, but I love helping solve problems as well as working with technology.
I've learned a couple coding languages from various jobs I've done, including HTTP, CSS, JavaScript, C++.

Anyways, nice to be here! I'll be sure to play when time allows!

If anyone has any issues or technician questions about software or hardware please feel free to PM me Smile


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Lol everyone played dynastystory but they just dont know it.

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