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Hello anyone that reads this! I'll just start off by saying that I have no clue what my character name was before the server closed so none of you really know me and I probably don't remember any of you (don't take it the wrong way I have a terrible memory). Well for starters my name is Ben, and I have a slight addiction to anime and meth videogames. My favorite animes would be Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, and Evangelion. As for videogames I don't really have a favorite I just play what ever I feel like depending on how I feel and what I feel like playing. I mainly play on PC PC master race and sometimes on my 3DS. If you feel like adding me on Steam I'll probably just add it to my signature sooner or later, and if you have a 3DS feel free to ask for my friend code. Hopefully I'll get to know a lot of you more in game, and I'll see you when the server launches.


Yo mate i also watch anime especially fairy tail Wink. Also i watch: One piece, Naruto, Bleach, Hajime no Ippo, Kuroko no Basket, Hakyuu!

Looking forward to see u ingame


Man fairy tail and full metal are two really good animes Razz

You should watch death note/future diary if you haven't already!

I also have a 3DS! Maybe we have some games in common


Hey there Mystogan I have a 3ds and a wii u so you can add me anytime just ask and I also have steam and use it a lot so we can add eachother there too! I have seen you in game already hope to play with you more soon!

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