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Game Manager
Game Manager
Name: Faris

Timezone: GMT -8:00

Age: 14 almost 15

Time spent on server: I was GM before the server had closed down.

What makes you want to help? The reason being is because I know there are people out there who need help and sometimes there aren't enough GM's to notice and I want to make sure I can help everyone as I can. I also want to further improve my skills and knowledge of being a GM

Do you have experience?: Yes I've been a GM on 2 servers I believe aside from this.

If so, provide proof: Both the servers shut down because of either school getting in the way, or they just couldn't take it.

How would you handle two staff members fighting?: First off, I'd ask them both what was going on, and then I'd check the chat to possibly find out the reason. Next, I'd warn them both that if this occurred again, I'd notify the owner and other GM's. I'd also explain to them that you most likely wouldn't deserve GM because of the way you're acting.

How would you handle two players fighting?: First I would ask them what was going on. Then I'd ask them for screenshots for any proof, and if they can't provide, then I'd tell them I can't help and to next time take screenshots.

What can you offer to DynastyStory? I can offer my loyalty, respect, and activeness. I can also offer my experience and knowledge of being a GM on the server. My maturity and my willingness to me and others have fun. So basically my fun personality and helpfulness. I will do my best to advertise for the server as well and vote for it as much as I can.

Give some info on yourself?: Well I live in California, I'm currently in 9th going to 10th grade. I'm taking honors classes except for next year where i will only take one honors class D:. My GPA is currently 3.6 I believe and I'm trying my best to improve.

Contact(Email, SMS, IM): Skype: faris.khan99
                                  Email: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

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