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Name: Jonathan

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Age: 18

Time spent on server: A couple hours so far but I spent tons of time on here on old server.

What makes you want to help? I loved this server and I have loved maplestory ever since I was like 10 and I use to play tons. I have ran many servers and I love making custom NPC's and just helping with a community it is great to be a part of a team and I really think I can do some good on the team.

Do you have experience?: I have ran many servers some go along the name of ExtractedMS, ExtractionMS, UnleashedMS, KonekoMS I closed them all down I have made v55 up to v83. I have GMed on GodlyMS, considered for RydahMS and I use to do things for many other servers.

If so, provide proof: Stated above all are either closed down or I ran myself and then closed down you may be able to find videos of my previous servers I owned.

How would you handle two staff members fighting?: Try and resolve the issue and talk with them if nothing can be helped I would refer to Owner and Co Owner.

How would you handle two players fighting?: I would talk to them to try and resolve it and if it is no good then I will suggest them to separate themselves from eachother and not communicate and if that is no good I will give them a warning, if the warning is nothing I will give them a short jailtime. Hopefully it will not escalate from there.

What can you offer to DynastyStory? I can do graphics. Logos, banners, pictures etc. I am alright with photoshop and have been making game logos and banners for awhile. I can do some npc scripting but it's been awhile but I am sure when I sit down to do it, it would come back to me. I am always available to be contacted, I have excellent online time as I am on my computer almost constantly so I would be very active.

Give some info on yourself?: I love anime and video games and computers. I have worked a long time with computers both hardware and software so it is a hobby of mine aswell as online gaming/MMORPGS. I started playing maplestory in early 2000s shortly after its released and have been in love and playing off and on through out all these years. I am glad to be back and playing again thought Smile. Thank you~

Contact(Email, SMS, IM): Skype: MagicLinx


U do graphs? Can u make me an signature with the name Shuu in it?


DomShuu wrote:U do graphs? Can u make me an signature with the name Shuu in it?
Yeah I can do that. Just send me a message of colors and other things you want in it.

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