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Hello dynasty players!

Here are some custom NPC information and location!

Spindle : Item maker.
Location : Free Market.

Jaxapon : Random Gachapon machine with limited items! requires (net cafe tickets.
Location : Free Market.

Shanks : All in one basic NPC.
Location : Free market.

Cody : Job advancer
Location: Henesys or other towns.

Mo : Jump quest NPC.
Locaation : NLC / Henesys.

Mr. Goldstein : Vote points rewards.
Location : Ludi / Henesys.

Nana (h) : Basic item seller.
Location : Henesys.

Mia : Maple leaf rewards.
Location : Henesys.

Spinel - Town traveler for a small fee.
Location : Any town.

Starfy : custom quest.
Location : Henesys.

Maple Administrator : exchanges NX cards.
Location : Any town(s).

Cesar : Sells basic skills.
Location : Henesys.

My. Moneybags : Gachapon quest.
Location : Henesys.

Mad Bunny : Event trophy rewards.
Location : Henesys.

Ria - Exchanges 1 vote point for a yellow wish ticket.
Location : Henesys

Spiegelmann - Exchanges Maple leaf for chairs ( Different chairs every week)
Location : Kerning

Anonymous merchant - Dynasty points rewards
Location - VIP Sauna (Sleepywood)

Koscu - Level 200 quests and gift.
Location - Leafre


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