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June 14, 2014 Updates / Fixes 48427210

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-LPQ now fully working (Level 35 - 200)
-LMPQ now fully working(Level 50 - 200)
-KPQ now fully working (Level 21 - 200)
-1.4x EXP for the weekend [Ends Sunday night)
-Cleaned up few NPC (Should be less errors now)
-Spinel now warps you to monster map with no fees!

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Is the 1.4x Exp for this weekend only or every weekend?


Stars wrote:Is the 1.4x Exp for this weekend only or every weekend?
Pretty sure only this one, as it's the first weekend Smile

June 14, 2014 Updates / Fixes Signature-MapleStory


Sooey is right it's for the celebration of dynasty re opening event for first week until Sunday night

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