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-Hired Merchants and player shops are now fully working
-PE for hired merchants is removed
-Other PE are removed
-@go fm now warps you to free market.
-Fixed player name PE.
-Fixed quest start PE.
-Fixed CashItem PE.
-Fixed d/c PE.
-Negative EXP fully fixed
-Added anti-pet PE crash.
-Added anti-drop-dupe PE.
-Added anti-smega PE.
-added world wide PVP
-Fixed Sending/receiving notes problem.
-Fixed Merchants from getting items stolen from PE.
-Fixed Shops to get money when items are sold.
-Fixed Merchants being open with PE.
-Fixed Mesos drop PE.
-Added auto-ban for damage hack.
-Added auto-ban for summon damage hack.
-Added auto-ban for abnormal damage receive.
-More stable and less lagg
-Few PQ's are disable for some fixes.
-Ghost Ship 2 Spawns has increased



Great job Smile

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