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Scroll vendor not showing up. 48427210

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As the title says.  Razz 

I had to have someone buy scrolls for me last night, as mine won't show the vendor.
I can only assume I'm missing a wz file or something, if it's on my end.
Could you do anything to check if it's yours?
If it's my end, I'll just have to redownload client

Scroll vendor not showing up. SvxvT0i


also pet potting >_< gets me killed more times than I can count. It's almost a must being an aussie too so... if there's anything you can do/tell me about how avoid dieing to that, would be helpful.

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may i know which map is it? and which side?


If you change channel, the bug is fixed. (at least for me)

Scroll vendor not showing up. Potato11


MrShawn wrote:may i know which map is it? and which side?

enlarge the picture, dork  Razz 
it's in the screenshot

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