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Help me become the first Bishop <3

Buying: Glitter/Yellow Work gloves
    gm scrolls for staff attack
   Level 30-50 female mage shoes/overalls/gloves with godly luk
overall armor luk/cape luk

Thanks everyone!
My Ign is Beauty <3

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I have a few scrolls and stuff I might be willing to part with IF  you have claw att scrolls or overall dex and nice things etc.. =}
Glitter gloves and YWG are a thing. I doubt anyone has done real gacha(lots of one specific spot for an item, before people get at me for saying they've done a normal one...) to even get an ele wand so no idea yet.

I just voted - i'll gacha up and get back to you on, ele wands.
I believe they should be in and still have the % bonus as it's v62 though.


I have a GM scroll for a wand if that helps



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