Dynastystory - Maplestory Private Server
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Hello everyone! Just wanted to say 'hi' as I will probably love this server. The rates are absolutely perfect! If anyone wants to add me, my ign is KnuckleJoe, see you all soon! Very Happy


Howdy and welcome !
I'm Nelli, ingame and I run newtype guild. Give me a shout if you needs help with anything.
Please stick it out with us at Dynasty, as it's a new server and the population isn't huge... YET  clown bounce clown 
I'm on most hours so don't be scared to shoot me a whisper !


Thanks! I'm actually already in that guild lol


KnuckleJoe wrote:Thanks! I'm actually already in that guild lol

Yeah... I looked when I logged on after post haha
Lots of new people joining the server, and my guild. I cannot keep track.


Welcome to the server! Smile

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