Dynastystory - Maplestory Private Server
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GMT 9:30+ Adelaide/Darwin.


Time spent on server:
Iv been playing for about a week.

What makes you want to help?
I really like the server and i do like helping people out, I want to be able to help anybody who needs it!

Do you have experience?:
I worked as an EventGM on infiniteMS about a year ago.

If so, provide proof:
Unfortunately i don't have any proof of this.

How would you handle two staff members fighting?:
Id find out what the problem was and try and help sort it out.

How would you handle two players fighting?:
Well id talk to both of them and try and resolve the problem, if they don't listen or cooperate i would give them a warning, if they still fail to stop then i would jail them for a short time.

What can you offer to DynastyStory?
All of my time and effort will go into this job if i get it, I will strive to do my very best at anything that is needed, i can offer some creative events that i will make up and i will make sure everyone has a good time while playing!

Give some info on yourself?:
My names Dale, Im 17 years old, I live in Australia, Im currently studying Grade 12 at my high school, and i have a part time job as a cook at a cafe, I love Gaming, Music and Having a good time.

Contact(Email, SMS, IM):
You can contact me at: Oriellydale@gmail.com or You can add me on Skype, (PM me for that)


Good luck.
I would like a little more elaboration, however.


Basic GM App, but GL

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