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Name: Nikolas

Timezone: UTC/GMT +3 hours, Finland

Age: Soon to be 18

Time spent on server: About 3 weeks

What makes you want to help?

My reasons to be a GM are clear and simple. DynastyStory was while ago changed to v.83 which is very popular version these days, and I'm sure that will bring more people to us. I would love nothing more than to aid and guide those that are in need of it. I wanna ameliorate the game play so everyone is satisfied as they are playing in DynastyStory. Nowadays there are many hackers, and they're willing to do everything just to annoy people who are actually paying effort training through hours and some hack their way up. I think that's very unfair. Helping other people has always been in my nature.

Do you have experience?

I don't have any experience, but I'm fast learner.

How would you handle two staff members fighting?

If two staff members were fighting I would probably do nothing. It's none of my business to stick my nose to their stuff, but if they're fighting in front of me or in front of player, then it's my problem. I would suggest them to act more mature and take it somewhere else. I would also remind them about team spirit and what we can achieve with that. I've always liked a good team spirit, and I would love to have that in game.

How would you handle two players fighting?

Like I said before. I don't need to include myself to their fight if it doesn't go way over the top, example: "Players using megaphones to make fun of someone and using inappropriate language". Foul language will not be allowed, because it creates bad game spirit. I would advice them to go different ways and stop talking to each other if they couldn't behave.

What can you offer to DynastyStory?

It’s easy to get people interested as you give the help and assistance to their convenience. That's definitely something I can bring to the table. My summer job is about to end, which means I can be even more active. I'm from Europe and I have a great time zone to help other people from Europe. I can speak Finnish, English and I'm fluent in Swedish. This is a great advantage which I'm able to use to help people of different races.

Give some info on yourself?

I'm student in vocational school and I'm starting my 3rd year this August. I'm studying to be a general practitioner and I love school. My personality is what makes me really stand out. I'm quite amusing, fun and loving to be with. I own black humor which can be very dirty some times, haha. I'm really observant to what's going on around.

Contact(Email, SMS, IM):

You can contact me by my email: Nikolas.Tuohiniemi@gmail.com


Good luck. I can confirm that you're active as well.
It's interesting how our views on dealing with conflict are identical as well.


[GM]Susie wrote:Good luck. I can confirm that you're active as well.
It's interesting how our views on dealing with conflict are identical as well.
Thank you. I'm sure there are many ways to deal with conflict, but this one seems to fit me very well.

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