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Server changed, all chars deleted 48427210

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So i've just stopped playing maple but so that everyone doesn't freak out when they log in and see their char is deleted... the server has been renewed and because of that everyone their characters has been deleted and everyone needs to start over again with an exp rate of 27.. it ain't that bad tho because there are alot of new npcs in fm... me and shuu are atm around lvl 40 and we played for 2 hours or something.. so the lvling is pretty decent and when u log in i would recommand that u use the command @help to see which commands you can use now...so for now the only thing left 2 say is Enjoy!


thats it...
i quit!

Bye dynasty

Server changed, all chars deleted W86xch


Is the server back online or? because i got an email yesterday so idk if it means that it will be back soon or already is back

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