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Thank you for considering to donate to DynastyStory! Heres something you need to take note before you donate.

Donation Rates : $1 USD = 1 Donation Points

When you donate to the server, you automatically agree on the following :
1) You have no right whatsoever to refund any transaction donated. It is a non-profit donation, not a purchase.
2) All gifts given for donating are "thank you" gifts for the donation.
3) Donations are and will only be used for server fees.
4) You donate out of free will.
5) You are not allowed to chargeback for any reasons.
6) The Admin reserves the right to deny your donation for any reason.
7) You cannot trade in an item you have recieved for another package and or Item. In final words, ALL SALES OR DONATIONS ARE FINAL.

Send donations to: kevhuyn@hotmail.com on http://paypal.com
or click the following:

After donating, please post a thread with the following format in Donation Verification forum.

Account ID :
Email :
Transaction Number :
Amount :
Date :

Character name : Loop21
Email : Test@hotmail.com (From Paypal)
Transaction Number : 46541132
Amount : 10$
Date : 05/05/50

If you donate more than 10$ USD you will receive addition commands and entry to VIP Sauna.

!vipsauna - Opens up npc to warp you to VIP Sauna.
!online - View online players
!goto - used to select towns / monsters / bosses.
!shout - World notice

You can exchange your Donation points through @fmnpc > donation points exchanger.

Our server expenses monthly are :
VPS : $ 59.99
Gtop premium : $ 15.00

Extra funds will be put in the server for improvements

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So which account do donators pay? Paypal, Can you provide your email or something?

Also got any packages? Razz like $10 for 40 points or something. Bonuses haha

SummerRains ♥️


The email for donation is excellzone@hotmail.com on paypal, or you can click on the logo that says "Donate". We are planning to have a Donation points Sale.



Yesh donator system :3


Any chance of another donation point sale?


Spencilla wrote:Any chance of another donation point sale?
its still going on!



The links are messed up we cant see them only admins can see it


Global Moderator
Global Moderator
marth200023 wrote:The links are messed up we cant see them only admins can see it

It should be fixed now! Help the server by donating! Razz


Account ID : Camelot98
Email : mcleesandrew@hotmail[.]com
Transaction Number :4VH364735B2032733
Amount :$50.00
Screenshot: i cant post a screenshot because the forum wont let me


hi if i was to donate like $200-$300, the old ps i used to play would allow the gm's or the maker of this ps give us like GM items. like a 25att earrings or just like outrageously good skills with 36% all stats or 36% att for the potential. would that be possible?


Faze i dont really understand you.So let me wild guess your question are if you would to donate like $200-$300 will the GM's or the maker of this give you GM Items. like a 25att earrings or just like outrageously good skills with 36% all stats or 36% att for the potential. would that be possible? The answer are V62 have no Potential stats. and ill discuss with the owner if it's possible to have a 25att earrings or outrageously good stats with the donation of $200-$300.


ohhh yeah my bad i forgot lol no potential and alright thanks


Character name : Pirate
Transaction Number : 19X801510B1548905
Amount : 10$

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