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First topic message reminder :

Server is currently offline right now due to some disconnection/ lagness. our coder is currently doing his best on a new source to have a better gameplay no lags,disconnection and bugs at all hope all of you understand and have some patience.

EDIT:13July2014 11:54PM SGT  we are currently working on the source be patience everyone once the features are done the server is good to go

EDIT:14July 2014 11:12PM SGT. the server might be off for weeks due to the coder is on vacation but he is still working on it but it my take longers(Weeks) to complete the server i'm sure after weeks and when the server is up there will be issue of lagging/dcing or anything.
hope everyone of you understand.

We are currently hiring Coders/ Wizet Editors to DynastyTeam if you're interested PM me and we'll talk about it Thanks

Server will be open today.

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Any updates?

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DomShuu wrote:Any updates?
Now that school is starting, I don't think this would be an ideal time to open up the server anyways.

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Well its 9 September now and im kinda still waiting for the server to get online :S even while it is updating to v83 and i kinda hope there will be a realm with higher rates n such stuff. and maybe a realm with rebirth system?

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