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Treasure Chest in Henesys now exchanges Zenumist marbles from jump quest.

Gaga now offers custom quest, bring back items that are required to obtain a random item.

Agent E Randomize equipment stats(Do not use your weapon to randomize it will be downgrade.

Nana(K) offers jump quest, after completing the jump-quest you will receive a Zenumist Marble which then you can exchange to Treasure chest for rewards.

Coco collects Luk crystal ores to create a set(Hat, Top, Bottom, Shoe, Glove, and weapon) according to your class. No need to look all over for equipments!

GameRoom - Talk to shanks and click enter gameroom, you have a chance to play Black Jack, Gamble, and other fun mini games!

Timeless weapons/equips and Net cafe gachaphon now added to Mia

If you have any suggestions for our next update please leave a comment below!


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