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Why do I disconnect after selecting my character?
Make sure you have already downloaded the updated Client and Wz files (make sure their in your Maplestory folder.) If this doesn't fix the problem please contact the admin

Why is Dynasty.winrar a blank file?

Make sure you have Winrar downloaded so you can extract the files inside to your maplestory folder
What do I do with the setup and dynastystory.rar?
Install the Maplestory Setup first, after its finished installing open Dynastystory.rar, and extract it to your Maplestory folder C:\Nexon\MapleStory (If you have more than one Maplestory verison make sure you know which one is V62.) After you extract/move dynastystory.exe to Maplestory folder, now simply click dynastystory.exe

Why do i disconnect after the black screen?
Make sure if you're on Window 7 or vista run Dynastystory.exe as admin(Right click Dynastystory.exe and click run as admin)Or turn off your virus protector and redownload the client.

Why does it say "can't connect to server" while the server is online?
This issue has been happening frequently. To fix this you need to Turn of your virus protector and re-download dynastystory.rar and extract it to your maplestory folder again. This problem is caused by a false positive virus which means that its not a virus but its detected as one. This causes your virus protector to block the connections to the server

For users using Norton
Start menu > run > type cmd > type ipconfig >then scroll down get your default gateway type it in your internet browser > and make a bypass for their firewall


Uninstall Norton and install avast antivirus which offers more features, and it allows you to connect to private server.

Why don't the setup website load??
If you are using Google chrome please use a different browser to download the client.

What do I do with Dynastystory.exe?
Make sure dynastystory.exe is moved to your v62 maplestory folder!

If you are having other problems please post your issue here http://dynastystory.forumotion.net/f3-support


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