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Hello there is it I,. For those who remember Dynastystory a Maple story Private server since 2008. Dynastystory was one of the top server at the time. Yes, I am the owner of Dynastystory and I've decide to release the source and repack to the public as I am not into this field any longer. With all of my hard work on this source and repack since 2013 now I hope you guys enjoy this repack/source. For those who supported DynastyStory, I want to say thank you for the love and support, its time to move on with life. 

Dynastystory is full of custom and semi GMS-Like features, that gives you a whole new experience with the combination of nostalgic gameplay, re-experience your childhood with a little twist! 

Features / Detail :

Version : V83
Custom net cafe gachapon (Different items weekly)
GMS-like Gachapon
Auto reward at certain levels
Leafre Location of Level 200 - 250 NPC
Kerning Custom Give away 
Town warper NPC
Custom commands
Vote rewards
Custom NPCs
All-in-one NPC
Custom Quest / PQs
Custom rewards
Max Level 250
Item Creator
Maple leaf system
Semi GMS-like
Fully working Hired Merchant
Custom Scrolling
Zakum Pre-quest 
Multi pets
Daily Rewards
Team Battle
Custom Level 200 - 250 game play
Balanced gameplay / economy
NX Card drops 
Job advancer

Other Features :

[V104GMS/V140KMS Items and Hair]✔
[Hired Merchant]✔
[Custom gacha]✔
[Custom Chairs]✔
[Daily Events]✔
[Fully Working Shops]

Screen Shot


 !Fully Working Shops[    


!npcs V140 Hairs and Faces Stats Reset GML Rewards@  


Occupation NPC   


  Random Stats NPC 


  [size=16]Scrolling NPC Either Str, Dex, Int, Luck with Either Yellow,Green Wish Ticket        [/size]

  [size=24][size=16]Bank System        [/size][/size]


  Custom Equips from Kiriru NPC at Free Market        

  [size=24][size=16]Custom Gachapon        [/size][/size]




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