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*This topic will temporary be in the Dynasty Story Discussion section until a new section is made for this type of discussion*

Feel free to express anything about yourself here. Any talent you have or anything that is special about you. Your accomplishment, your goal, your personality, and anything that you will like us to hear.

Let me start this off:

First I would like to talk about myself. I play Piano. I'm very loyal to something that I like and stay loyal to it until some sudden reasons make me revoke my loyalty. I like Pandas. My favorite color is blue, especially light blue. I'm Asian and I'm an Event Specialist/GM of Dynasty Story. I've developed my own server, PerfectMS, 3 years ago, and it was closed down few weeks it was released because the owner of that server (she provided me all the tools: Dedicated Server, and all other stuff, so I made her the owner) decided she didn't want to be sued by Nexon who, at that time, was suing someone. After my server was closed down, I decided to become a Game Sage (GS), GM's Assistant, for Wolfteam, Aeriagames (Real gaming company, not private server). I didn't made it to the team at first try, but I made it to the team the second try. I stayed to be a GS for a year, but after that I decided to resign my position since I was really busy in life and cannot entertain my community. They said I was one of the best GS in WolfTeam, Aeriagames for my events and entertainment. Now, I'm roaming around seeking a server and a community that I can support and contribute in. Finally I found Dynasty Story, which was fate (I don't want to explain it, long story =P). And here I am, ready to serve the community!

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