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Custom Equips from Kiriru NPC at Free Market

@npcs V140 Hairs and Faces Stats Reset GML Rewards! Very Happy

Gambling Place for you to kill time and gamble! Very Happy

Fully Working Shops!

Custom Gachapon! Von Leon Equips Etc! :p

Nane(E) NPC get a Tetris when you reach level 200! and you can make a character from Level 1-50 cheers

Custom NPC Catch Butterfies to get EXP Very Happy

Scrolling NPC Either Str, Dex,Int,Luck with Either Yellow,Green Wish Ticket Very Happy

Occupation NPC

Random Stats NPC

Player VS Player Map (PVP)

Event Points NPC

Auto JumpQuest NPC to get event Points Very Happy

That's now for all first Very Happy


Looks nice as a first attempt. Still missing Nana (K)?


Sorry will add more NPC Soon Very Happy

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