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IGN(s): Nguyen, Snail, Pawn, Wangsworld, GodMode, ImBack, IAmNguyen, IAmNotNguyen,

D.O.S: 1/4/2014-1/6/2014

Nguyen- got banned for nothing because i never duped on this account i just gave away duped items

Snail- Okay this guy was duping but wtf I never used any tools (all was a glitch so i cant get banned for glitching because then everyone that macro glitches should be banned) -_-

Pawn- this guy had duped items never duped

Wangsworld- was my Mule he never did anything Sad

GodMode- was a hacker ill give you that one

ImBack-was a hacker for sure so i could get those tickets and tet piece Wink

IAmNguyen- never did anything wrong just wrong name at tthe wrong time for all you know this guy isnt me

IAmNotNguyen- never did anything wrong as well and clearly the name states that the char is not nguyen so yall some mofos

GM that banned:Shawn, Nova, Kev

PS- Just because you IP BAN someone does not mean they are gone forever. Wink

PSS- Make me a GM and ill help you fix your flawed server :3

PSSS- "ILL BE BACKKKKkkkKKKKkkKKK!!!" - The Terminator


I have plenty of times to play with immature kids that profile picture don't seems.like you but if it's really you age 19 I think you have a mentality of 10 years old kids Very Happy


you just jelly that im swoll as fuck im on fb. check it bitch Facebook.com/Vietdaica  


PS im a fucking troll thats why i do this plus the gym is closed so i aint got nothing better to do. i could work out at home but eh theres not enough weight


LOL i have nothing to say at your age CenturyOfTheJoke.

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