Dynastystory - Maplestory Private Server
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Song's Game Master Application 48427210

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Name: Matt

(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Time spent on server:
A few days

What makes you want to help?
I want to help the server grow and expand by bringing my friends and helping the server become way more popular! That would be great! I see good things in this server that can make it a very popular server on GTOP and with a ton of players!

Do you have experience?:
Yes, I was an Admin on ClassicMS and I was a GM on AxedMs and on D.Khaos
If so, provide proof:
Both servers are shut down, If you want you can ask the owner of WizStory about "Snow" I was a GM on D.Khaos

How would you handle two staff members fighting?:
Try and calm them down so it doesn't get to extreme. Also I can try to help them work through their differences.

How would you handle two players fighting?:
Try and help the figure the problem out and find a solution.

What can you offer to DynastyStory?
I can offer my time and my effort to keep the server safe and help everyone have a fun experience while playing! Very Happy

Give some info on yourself?:
Well my name is Matt, I play Maple Story, I love mexican food, I am an experienced GM/Admin on private servers and I hope that you read this! Have a nice day!

Contact(Email, SMS, IM): You can contact me through Skype: MapleGeekv83 and you can contact me through my email songrocksmusic@gmail(dot)com

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